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Empower Women Leaders (EWL) serves and trains women leaders in developing countries. We believe women are capable and industrious and when they are empowered, it serves the family, the community and the country.

In developing countries, including post-conflict regions, a lack of access to educational information and training leaves women leaders at a significant disadvantage when advocating for change. To address this issue EWL follows a three-pronged plan of Connect, Counsel, and Contribute.

CONNECT: We build relationships with local women leaders by listening, learning, and spending TIME to hear their concerns, needs, and what they want to accomplish.

COUNSEL: EWL gives guidance through one-on-one mentoring, group training and conferences to help women leaders maximize their potential so that they can reach their goals.

CONTRIBUTE: After connecting and counseling, projects and initiatives are selected that have the most potential to make positive, sustainable contributions. EWL gives targeted and measurable aid in the form of grants, direct assistance and/or distribution of training resources and material.

EWL currently works in Liberia, West Africa where we have been building relationships since 2010.

EWL also focuses on sustainability by promoting a culture of leadership that will positively impact the lives of women’s daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters, with the ultimate goal of creating a better tomorrow for all citizens.

EWL is led by Shelly Timbol, Executive Director and President and assisted by her husband, Tony Timbol, Vice President. Staff includes Vicki Kloosterhouse, speaker, trainer and coach, and Stephanie Timbol. An experienced board of directors, including individuals who have served in Africa, provides leadership and guidance. In addition, EWL has formed a Liberian Advisory Board, consisting of local Liberian leaders, to provide on-the-ground connection to define needs and services.

Empower Women Leaders is registered in the State of Florida as a Non-Profit Corporation. EWL’s is a Federally registered 501c(3) charitable organization recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service with current 990 filings for years 2012 and 2013.

EWL’s is a D&B registered company with Duns # 03387916.

Certificate of Registration – State of Florida



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