Ministry Update In Progress


Empower Women Leaders (EWL) serves and trains women leaders in developing countries by connecting, counseling, and contributing to selected initiatives/projects, which have a positive and sustainable impact.

In developing countries, including post-conflict regions, a lack of access to resources, educational information and training leaves women leaders at a significant disadvantage when advocating for change that serves women, the family, and the community.

Connecting is the first step in EWL's engagement model. This is followed by a listen first dialog that seeks understanding of the cultural context in order build relationships for the long-term. From the relationships smart contributions are shaped TOGETHER with the local partners for sustainable impacts.


Women helping Women

EWL's local partners in Liberia include
-Women of Purpose (WOP),
-Women's Restoration Counseling Ministry (WRCM),

For Women of Purpose, EWL sponsors projects focused on vocational and micro-business training skills to empower disadvantaged and post-conflict traumatized women.

For WRCM EWL provides funding to operate Restoration Kids Christian Academy (RKCA) that provides education, nutritional support, and other services for Ebola orphaned children. EWL helped fund the building of RKC and 2018 saw its first graduation class (photo below) and additional classes have graduated each year since.

Getting Supplies Ready

How can you help?

Time. Treasure. Talent. Prayer - EWL is volunteer run with no paid staff and has a proven record of results. We welcome help from all corners.

-Prayer: Pray for our organization to be useful in God's plan for those he loves in Africa.
-Treasure: Donate as you are led to current projects
-Time - Help us spread the word by introducing us to your network of friends and organizations, churches, and potential donors you know.
-Talent: A teacher? A business person? A nurse? A Doctor? Handy with a hammer and other tools? A visionary? A tactician? Come talk to us and see how we can work together.

Helps us spread the word. Give. Go.