Ministry Update In Progress

RKC Academy @ Peace Island - Open and Teaching

Caring for the caregivers and their families

The Restoration Kids Christian Academy (RKCA) opened in 2017 and is now holding classes with full enrollment. What started as a school without walls is now a Government accredited school.

The Women's Restoration Counseling Ministry, a local NGO that partnered with EWL during the Ebola Crisis, found a concentration of Ebola orphans on Peace Island (just outside of Monrovia, Liberia's capital city). They were moved to engage and find ways to help. With EWL's help they have started regular visitations to address immediate needs (food support, mattresses, clothing, etc.,) and begun open air classes to teach the children to read, write and other basic skills.

It soon became evident that these children, some of them stigmatized because of their status as Ebola survivors, would have problems being accepted in the existing school system, already stressed. Thus the need for a school building so education, training and community activities for these orphans could be provided became clear to these women leaders who reached out to EWL to start this project.

The gallery below show how a school without walls become a center of community restoration and education for children to build a better future for Liberia. Continued funding and support is needed. Click on Donate Now to see how you can help...

Women of Purpose

Vocational and micro-business skills training

Women of Purpose, a local NGO, works with post-conflict traumatized women, refugees, under skilled women and girls providing them vocational and micro-business skills training for economic empowerment and societal restoration.

Women of Purpose conducts training workshops and conferences across Liberia to reach women needing new ways to create income and opportunity to improve their lives.

The gallery below shows a recent tie-dye, and soap making workshop. Click on Donate Now to see how you can help..

Women's Bucket Brigade (Ebola Crisis 2013-2015)

Prevention Education, Disinfectant Supplies, Food Support (completed)

The Women's Bucket Brigade Project owes special thank yous to several partner organizations such as ReachBeyond, CornerstoneEPC Church, and Loving through Literacy for their generous financial support.

In addition, Vicki Kloosterhouse, an EWL volunteer at the time provided significant logistical and administrative guidance to make the project work within the cultural context stressed during the Ebola Crisis. A team effort all away around!